Highway Transport driver Alen Smailovic is featured in this month’s Bulk Transporter magazine. He is not only a nominee for NTTC National Tank Truck Driver of the Year, he is a remarkable human being + a professional driver. Read the in-depth story about Alen who is beloved-by-all here at Highway Transport. Discover more about Alen’s journey of life from refugee to Knoxville, Tennessee, where Highway Transport is headquartered.

Alen Smailovic of Highway Transport

Highway Transport would like to express gratitude for the collaboration of NTTC and Bulk Transporter magazine for going in-depth to share the meaningful story of Alen Smailovic, who is such an inspiration to everyone at Highway Transport and beyond.

Due to COVID, the National Tank Truck Carriers Driver of the Year event was not held in 2020. To commemorate the unprecedented 2020 year, NTTC graciously provided all eight finalists with decals to place on their tractors.

decal by NTTC in recognition of being nominated for tanker driver of the year

One of the eight finalists will be crowned at the NTTC 2021 Annual Conference, currently slated for June 13-15, 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Whether Alen wins or not,  Alen’s  positive reflection transcends beyond the trucking industry. His positivity and helpful ways have had a tremendous impact on Highway Transport + the entire trucking industry + humankind.

How Alen Shines

Alen has served a major role at Highway Transport, not only by being a safety-minded system (long haul) tanker driver, but helping fellow drivers in the entire trucking industry.

During the height of COVID-19, Alen created a video of helpful face covering tips for truck drivers. Be sure to check out his video demonstrating face covering advice.

Alen Smailovic tanker truck driver wearing protective face covering

He helped contribute to Highway Transport sustainability initiatives by creating and sharing a video on how to operate the in-cab heater, which reduces a driver’s need to idle.

Alen also has a personal commitment to fitness and health. He frequently serves as an inspiration to fellow drivers by sharing workout scenes and tips.

Alen’s most important role is, of course, when he is away from work and serving as husband and father. Here is Alen’s scene he submitted to the company-wide annual Instagram activity in the days leading up to Father’s Day. Highway Transport drivers are encouraged to post their favorite “dad scene” on Instagram and use the hashtag #HighwayDads.

HighwayDads instagram during Father's Day

Alen entered and won a photo contest sponsored by American Trucking Associations. Alen shared an excellent photo accompanied by the hashtag #ThankATrucker. Highway Transport drivers know to never use a mobile device while behind the wheel. Images from behind the wheel are discouraged/unacceptable. As a company, employees are committed to driving with Zero Distractions™. Highway Transport drivers, like Alen, use social media appropriately and for good, whether it is to showcase beautiful images or share positive messages with the world. Check out some of Alen’s fantastic photography. He is always careful to be back and away from the truck.

Smailovic photo of tanker truck

Most of the time (when he’s not busy hauling a tanker truck load of liquid specialty chemicals) you can reach out to Alen on Twitter

More About Alen

In our many conversations since his time at Highway, Alen has on
more than one occasion used a quote attributed to Albert Einstein.
It goes like this…”Insanity: doing the same thing over and over
again and expecting different results.” This quote speaks to Alen’s
personality. Alen has a tremendous amount of positive energy
which is the force behind his passion and dedication to the aspects
of life he holds dear such as faith, family, friends, and work. Alen
truly desires to contribute to the success of Highway Transport.
In his relatively short time with Highway, Alen has contributed
to the success of Highway on several levels, both measurably and
immeasurably. And those contributions will continue to reverberate
into the company’s future. I ran across another Einstein quote I
would like to close with. It goes hand in hand with the quote Alen
is so fond of which goes “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your
balance you must keep moving.”
Alen, congratulations, and keep us moving.
Jeff Womble, Central CSR, Highway Transport


I have met few people that take their career as seriously
and do their job with such pride as Alen. After speaking
to him for just a moment, I find myself inspired to
perform better at my job and live with purpose. This is a
common experience for most people who meet Alen.
Scott Saulnier, Learning & Development MGR, Highway Transport Logistics

More About Highway Transport

Highway Transport is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based company providing bulk transportation of specialty chemicals. The tanker fleet operates from 14 service centers in major chemical manufacturing areas across the U.S. with a fleet of 400+ tanker tractor trailers. Highway Transport has service centers in the following U.S. cities: Knoxville and Chattanooga in Tennessee; LaPorte, Freeport and Garland in Texas; McDonough, Georgia; Croydon and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania; Florence, Kentucky; Joliet and Cordova Illinois; Wyandotte, Michigan; Geismar and Lake Charles in Louisiana, Rock Hill, South Carolina and Allyn’s Point, Connecticut.



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