Flexible & Efficient Bulk Liquid Transloading

We know you depend on clean, well-insulated tanks and cost-efficient transportation when shipping your bulk liquid goods. To help meet this need, Highway Transport offers chemical transloading that provides customers with greater flexibility and optimal efficiency on every shipment.

What is Transloading?

Transloading is a process in which goods are transferred between different modes of transportation. For our customers, this involves the seamless unloading and transfer of bulk liquid goods to help maximize supply chains.

Using the latest technology, we can efficiently transfer liquid shipments between our tanker trucks and other modes of transportation, such as rail cars and barges (flatboats).

Transloading bulk liquid shipments offers many economical benefits. Our team of chemical freight experts have years of experience transloading low- and high-volume shipments while working with customers to maximize efficiency along the way. Here’s how:

  • Streamlined shipping: We maximize fuel costs and simplify shipments with rail cars that can carry more than trucks.
  • Lower investment costs: We reduce costs associated with loading tracks, rental equipment, and storage space.
  • Wider market reach: We help you access a broad range of markets with our cost-saving transloading services.

Our Fleet Can’t Be Beat!

Highway Transport operates 65-foot, five-axle chemical tanker trucks carrying specialty chemicals across the nation. Our stainless steel, fully-insulated equipment offers industry-leading durability and safety. With each new fleet, we aim to eliminate unnecessary weight, increasing payload capabilities and sharing cost-savings with our valued customers.

From anywhere you are to everywhere you need to go,
Highway Transport is your safe, reliable
bulk liquid logistics solution.

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