Highway Transport has an industry-wide reputation for having some of the newest, best-looking equipment on the road. We are an industry leader focused on maintaining a reputation of excellence in all areas of business, including the presentation and value of our equipment. Our customers appreciate how quickly we adapt to new technology and obtain the latest models in the trucking industry. With unique features on premier trucks, our fleet simply can’t be beat.

Trucks, Tractors, & Tanks

As part of our commitment to excellence, we continually upgrade our fleet and provide a full range of maintenance efforts. In the past year, we’ve added many new Mack Anthems and also Freightliners.

Most of the tractors in our fleet are very up-to-date. This not only provides the highest level of safety possible, but also makes for the cleanest, shiniest fleet on the road.

Mack Trucks

The continuous addition new Mack Anthems and Freightliners has our system drivers excited to get on the road! System drivers play a vital role in our growth plan here at Highway Transport, so we’ve allocated the newest Mack Anthems to these key team members.

Our first Anthem rolled into our Knoxville yard on April 12, 2018 and we’ve continued to add new models to our fleet ever since.  For those who may not know, 65 mph is the “sweet spot” for striking the right balance between mileage and efficiency.

Equipment Features:
  • Stainless steel, fully-insulated equipment for most tanker trailers in our fleet
  • Jost landing gear and Truck Lite LED lighting on all trailers
  • Mack’s mDrive 12-speed automated transmissions for most tractors in our fleet. In the coming year, all tractors transmissions will be automatic.
  • Advanced safety technology and equipment, including PeopleNet on-board tablets, Bendix collision avoidance disc brakes, and fall protection ladders
  • roll stability on all trailers
  • electronic sensors designed to identify instability issues on the road, reduce the throttle, and slow down the vehicle to ensure road safety
  • Multi-compartment tanks available for select customers
  • Wash racks available at select Highway Transport locations

Highway Transport fleet fact sheet

Download Highway Transport’s fleet fact sheet.

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