Sustainability is Gaining Traction

Sustainability is gaining traction as more companies heed the call from customers, investors, employees and communities to operate in more environmentally and socially responsible ways.
Highway Transport and SalesForce
Highway Transport is no different. We have partnered with Salesforce. Highway Transport is honored to serve as the first transportation partner in Salesforce’s sustainability cloud space. It gives Highway Transport the opportunity to set the tone of how the transportation industry will operate and improve the environmental impact for future generations.


Highway Transport Green Treads

Green Treads is the official name of Highway Transport’s Sustainability Initiative.

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Driving for a Better Tomorrow

The meaningful phrase “Driving for a Better Tomorrow” was created by the Highway Transport Sustainability Core Team.


Our vision is to balance economic success with environmental stewardship, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.


Highway Transport is committed to conducting our daily business in a socially responsible, ethical, and sustainable manner to protect our employees, the public, universal human rights, the environment, and communities where we work.

See How We’re Making 50 + 50 = 30

How can 50 + 50 = 30?

50% Reduction of Emissions Per Mile
50% Reduced Intensity of Service Center Emissions
30% Overall Reduction in Scope Emissions by 2030

That is our goal at Highway Transport.

We are committed to conducting daily business in a sustainable, ethical, socially responsible manner. We aim to protect our employees, the public, universal human rights, and the environment.

We’re doing it by:

  • partnering with Salesforce’s Net Zero to track our environmental data
  • using advanced technology to help manage cab temperature, battery voltage, and coolant temperature while trucks are idle, which will ultimately lead to reduced fuel emissions.
  • focusing on continued driver education towards driving techniques that promote sustainable behaviors.
  • updating wash racks, shops, and operations with smarter & more efficient logistics.
  • installing emission control technologies at our Service Centers to lower emissions by 70%.
  • measuring our efforts against the EPA’s SmartWay program and the ACC’s Responsible Care program.

Highway’s commitment to sustainability is helping ensure a brighter future. Join us as we drive toward a sustainable future.

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