Why Join Us?


Our community is strong and we epitomize a “family” business through our skill, pride, and hard work.

Lifelong Relationships

Over our past 70 years, we have proudly established lifelong relationships with our customers.

Top Talent

We believe in building a first class facility that provides employees with an outstanding workplace.


We pride ourselves on our agility when quickly responding to industry shifts and changing business trends.


We are constantly upgrading and shifting resources to handle capacity where our customers need it most.

Bulk Transportation

Bulk transportation of specialty chemicals is our core and we operate from service centers all across the US.

Open Doors

Highway Transport is an employee oriented company and the growth of our company is determined by the quality of our people.

Join Our Team

Through the years, Highway Transport has developed a solid, trusting relationship with its employees, and we have found that no problem is so great that we cannot solve it ourselves. Obviously, no organization is free from day-to-day problems, but we believe we have policies and procedures to help resolve any situation that may arise. We encourage you to be open with us.

Our Open Door Policy gives you the opportunity to discuss any area of your employment with management.

From anywhere you are to everywhere you need to go,
Highway Transport is your safe, reliable
bulk liquid logistics solution.

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