Responsible Care is a global organization and the chemical industry’s voluntary initiative to protect our environment. In 2008, Highway Transport officially obtained a Responsible Care certificate under the leadership of Vice President of Safety, Rick Lusby. Their continued dedicated to building an eco-conscious team is what sets Highway Transport apart from others in the industry.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop with them, though. Every day, we strive to exceed safety expectations by prioritizing our shared responsibility to the strict guidelines recommended to us by the Responsible Care organization. Though this commitment is an ongoing— and sometimes challenging— responsibility in the chemical industry, it’s a choice we stand by and we’re proud to be leading by example.

Highway Transport Logistics is honored to receive the Responsible Care® Partner of the Year Award. The Responsible Care® organization recognizes partners with superb performance and safety records involved in the transportation of chemicals. The award was presented in 2019, 2021, and 2022!

We take pride in the fact that we qualified for membership with this organization, as not everyone does. Each company must be approved by the American Chemistry Council’s Board of Directors and work closely with necessary parties to ensure continued measures are taken to improve health, safety, and environmental performance.

To ensure that our company adheres to all Responsible Care requirements, Highway Transport has assembled and trained a team of four individual internal auditors. This team is responsible for our company’s Responsible Care Management System (RCMS), also referred to as our Quality Driven Delivery Management System (QDDMS), and performing audits of all Highway Transport chemical locations and terminals.

At Highway Transport, we feel it’s important to share Responsible Care information with our employees, contractors, and the general public. When someone sees the Responsible Care emblem on our business, we want them to know that it means we value quality and safety above all else.

Safety Focused. Quality Driven.

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