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  • Steam Cleaning & Heating
  • Hot Water Flush
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  • Detergent Wash
  • Caustic Wash
  • Latex Stripper Wash
  • Pump & Hose Cleaning

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  • System
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Knoxville, TN

Located in East Tennessee in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, Highway Transport Knoxville is Highway Transport’s oldest service center. Highway Transport is a tanker trucking company that was founded in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Watkins family purchased Highway Transport in 1963. The company has been hauling specialty chemicals from Knoxville Throughout the 75-year history, Highway Transport has expanded to many locations nationwide. Corporate headquarters is located a few miles away from this tanker trucking service center.

On this site there are 4 shop bays, 2 tank wash bays and a large office which serves as the command center for 24/7 services.

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REMINDER: Never operate any type of mobile device while behind the wheel. Social media is the perfect platform for drivers and employees to share day-to-day snapshots when off the road. Images captured from behind the wheel are not acceptable.

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