Learning the Details About Tanker Trailers

Learning the Details About Tanker Trailers

The Hatch of a Chemical Tanker Climbing up and down the ladder of a tanker trailer and performing work atop a tank can be fascinating. Anyone with a mechanical spirit can appreciate the intricacies involved in learning how to properly open the hatch. Highway Transport...
Hoses and Gaskets Abound

Hoses and Gaskets Abound

Handling Hoses and Checking for Gaskets It is crucial for drivers to check the gaskets at the end of each hose. Whether it is a Highway Transport hose or a hose at a customer location, it is important for drivers to be equipped with extra gaskets. The Weight of a Hose...

Drive for Highway Transport

Chemical Tanker Drivers If you are a Tanker Certified driver and have TWIC, then you are on your way to a great career with a solid paycheck. Company Drivers Highway Transport drivers enjoy benefits, good pay, and good equipment. We have one of the best training...

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