Highway Transport Chemical truck drivers encounter many scenes out their windshields…everything from tragedy to serenity. Former [currently retired] Highway Transport Driver James McCue encountered a scene where he was needed to pull someone from wreckage and save a life. Highway Transport Chemical drivers have a superior skill set…not only when driving, but during times of need.

As we move deeper into the Holiday season, we look forward to scenes of snowy serenity out the windshield. Highway Transport expresses heartfelt gratitude and respect for our drivers, especially James McCue, during times when the view becomes grim. Read the following letter from a motorist who resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area:

One of your truck drivers saved my life. My husband and I were in a rollover car accident on Interstate 49 just northwest of Alexandria, Louisiana. Your truck driver, Mr. James McCue, pulled me from the wreckage and saved my life.
James McCue was about 10 minutes behind me driving a Highway Transport Logistics big rig truck. He saw the trailer that I was pulling start to fish-tail, and carefully slowed his truck way in advance. He had already dialed 911 before arriving at the scene of the accident. He stopped a good distance behind me, safely blocking the right lane of the highway where we had overturned 270 degrees.
Mr. McCue pulled me out of the driver’s side between the broken window and the pavement. Mr. McCue checked on my husband, who had been asleep in the front passenger seat. Thankfully my husband was not injured.
Shortly after the accident, Mr. McCue waited until the police officers and the ambulance arrived. He gave the police officer a report of the accident he had just witnessed. I remember Mr. McCue asking a police officer if all was safe so that he could continue on his journey.
After I was transported via ambulance to Rapides Regional Medical Center emergency room, a CT revealed that I had a bleed in my brain (subdural hematoma). I’m recovering slowly, and I now remember how helpful the truck driver had been. But during the frightful moments of the accident, I failed to ask the truck driver for his name and contact information.
Yesterday, I received an accident report from the Alexandria police. James McCue was listed as a witness. I was able to contact Mr. McCue to personally thank him for his help.
Your company should be proud to have James McCue as one of your truck drivers. He acted very quickly, paying close attention not only to the safety of his cargo, but also to the safety of total strangers in a potentially deadly one car highway accident. Mr. James McCue is a hero.
Thank you for having James McCue as one of your truck drivers.



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