When most people hear the word “chemicals,” it often comes with a negative connotation. But have you ever considered how integrated chemicals are in our daily lives–and in a positive way?

Let’s begin by recognizing the vital role of the trucking industry in the United States. It’s the backbone of our economy. But what’s often overlooked is its role in transporting bulk liquid chemicals. These chemicals aren’t just some industrial need; they are elemental building blocks. Chemicals enable countless industries to create, innovate, and manufacture a myriad of products that we use daily.

For instance, if you love the color of your car, thank chemicals. The longevity of your leather interiors? Again, chemicals. From your house paint to the coating on your wooden dining table, and even the asphalt you drive on… These all start as chemicals. And they become relatable components in products we can see, touch, and understand.

Chemical Free, Can’t Be!

The notion of something being ‘chemical-free’ is a misnomer. Nothing exists without chemicals. Even our bodies are made of chemical elements, like carbon. It’s essential to understand the role these chemicals play, not as harmful additives but as crucial elements in product manufacturing.

As we tell our story in the trucking industry, we’re sensitive to how the public perceives chemicals. We’re cautious not to ignite misconceptions that could lead to undue criticism of our customers or the industry at large. For example, chemicals are used as liquid absorbents in baby diapers. Rather than stoking fears about chemicals in diapers, we could focus on science and how these products improve lives.

So the next time we hear about chemicals, don’t react with apprehension, Consider how they serve as indispensable building blocks in almost everything around us—from the mundane to the highly innovative.


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