2022 has been a remarkable year for our family-owned tanker trucking company. The week of September 11 through 17, 2022, we celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW). This is also a week when every employee receives a gesture of gratitude for everything that has brought the company to this point. Our fleet of hard-working professional men and women deliver the goods that keep America moving. As a transporter of liquid chemicals, Highway Transport delivers key ingredients in everything from shampoo to paint to diapers.

Highway Transport Chemical Tanker Unit

It takes a huge team to plan the sophisticated loads that move liquid cargo throughout the U.S. and Canada. Planning a truck load is one thing; planning a liquid load takes on another dimension. With an on-time delivery rate above 98%, our load planners factor in extra time, slower speeds, and even the “slosh” of a liquid. Tanker truck loads are delivered on time, safe, and well presented at delivery with a professional chemical tanker driver. Tank wash technicians not only make sure all tanks are safe, but they also provide one of the cleanest, shiniest fleets on the road. Mechanics work in our shops to ensure that tractors are well-maintained. Fabricators and welders make sure tanker trailers at-the-ready.

Before, during, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, professional truck drivers took on a heroic role by delivering the essential goods to our country. The sacrifices that our tanker drivers made to help carry the nation through the pandemic must never be understated. Their dedication and sacrifice is deserving of our praise, recognition, and appreciation.
Truck drivers account for 70% of all the freight moved in the U.S. In the United States, 80% of communities receive all their goods via truck. Professional chemical tanker drivers have a commitment to safety that is like no other type of CDL driver. Chemical tank wash crews have a commitment to safety that is like no other type of work. Load planners and back office have the best interest of drivers in mind. Enjoy this conversation with Sam Sharp.

During this special week (September 11 – 17), when you’re shopping in store, take a moment to notice how stocked the shelves are – and always remained – even during the most trying moments of the pandemic. Then think about the professional drivers that provide all the products you place into your cart and bring home to your family.

Few people ever get to meet a tanker truck driver in  person. That’s why Highway Transport created this new video series titled “Cab Chat.” Our company’s in-house video talent created this series to shed some light on tanker drivers and ask a few questions.

During this National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Highway Transport is thankful for the efforts of everyone who works in the trucking industry. Without them, our homes and lives would look very different. We express our most sincere thanks to our professional chemical tanker drivers and personnel who truly do move our great country forward.



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