New Year’s Eve Safety Tips for People and Pets by Highway Transport Human Resources 


Drinking: Do not set your drink down anywhere! Keep it with you at all times or give it to a close friend. Someone could spike your drink while it’s unattended. If popping a cork on a champagne bottle, aim the cork away from people.

Driving: Don’t drink and drive! Have a designated driver to drive you around. A designated driver means alcohol free for the night.

Public Events: When attending parties be aware of your surroundings at all times! You may be in a place you have never been and around people you don’t know. Never go to these types of places by yourself. This is the same for women and men! Make sure you have a communication device such as cell phone or laptop. Be prepared!

No Fireworks or Guns: If you are going to engage in fireworks, leave it up to the professionals. If you are caught with fireworks this New Year’s Eve, it may be more than just a fine; it may possibly lead to jail time!

Friends: If you plan on going anywhere, take friends with you, don’t go alone; always stay in groups!

Pet Safety: Pets are frightened by sudden loud noises. Extra attention must be given so your pets won’t run away in a panic; running pets can be hit by cars, cause accidents, become lost and frequently bite people.

Pet Tips: Make sure all fences and gates are secure, your pet has its ID, dog license or microchip, and keep your pets inside, in a comfortable room, with comforting music playing to drown out scary noises.

source: Highway Transport Human Resources 

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