Monday Motivation: This is the beginning of a great week to head out on the road and enjoy the final stages of spectacular fall colors.

Ever wonder who captures all those great scenes of Highway Transport’s driving fleet? The majority of our truck images are taken in-house by one of our own…Don Anders. Don Anders has worked for Highway Transport for 30+ years! When Don is not working in the Linehaul dept. , he is out taking photographs.

Check out these scenes from the most recent photo shoot of Highway Transport tractors. Don was in West Virginia shooting this beautiful image…

grist mill fall foliage by Don Anders, Linehaul, Highway Transport Chemical

grist mill image captured by photographer Don Anders on a recent vacation in West Virginia

When he was called back to Tennessee to photo shoot this tractor image.

Enjoy these behind-the-scenes images of the drivers and the photographer who made it all happen. Dexter Ratliff drove the day cab, and Nehemiah Waters drove the sleeper cab. The photos were taken in Clinton, TN where the fall colors were great.

Don Anders Highway Transport photography

left: Don Anders, right: Tom Frain

left: photographer Don Anders right: Dexter Ratliff

left: photographer Don Anders right: Dexter Ratliff


left: Don Anders right: driver Nehemiah Waters, driver of the newest Mack sleeper cab



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