As of the morning of, August 27, 2017, Highway Transport’s service center in Freeport, TX was checked and described as “in good shape.” However, most in the Freeport, TX area should be leaving with the mandatory evacuation.

As of Sunday afternoon, August 27, 2017, Highway Transport’s La Porte, TX Service Center is described as “fine, no damage, flooding, etc. Power is on also.” However, rain and storms + tornadoes from #HurricaneHarvey continue. Weather experts are forecasting that these areas will receive record flooding in the coming days.

Highway Transport’s main customer located in Deer Park, TX is shut down.

Currently, employees continue to check on one another. Drivers are advised to stay away from both service centers―La Porte, TX and Freeport, TX― because most roads are flooded and impassable.

Again, when weather of this magnitude takes place, it becomes necessary for Highway Transport to adapt as best as possible. This type of weather crisis can cause trucking load schedules and mileage to change. In the coming days and weeks, customers may notice variations in load schedules and mileage.

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