It was a hot summer day outside on the Knoxville tanker trucking yard August 2nd when a large crowd gathered in the driver room for Joe Sheldon’s 20-Year Rolex ceremony. The watch was presented to Joe by Greg Watkins, Vice Chairman of Highway Transport, and Marshall Franklin, President & CFO.

Joe says he will probably wear the Rolex occasionally to special events.

Joe Sheldon is presented the Highway Transport 20 Year Rolex by Greg Watkins, Vice Chairman of Highway Transport

“Amy and I got married right after I graduated college in 1997. I came to work here in 1999 as a Driver Manager. From day one 20 Years ago, everyone was very welcoming. It felt like family from the start. Barry Hall was my first manager. Rick Lusby was my manager for the longest period of time (12 or 13 years) when Rick oversaw the Knoxville terminal.”

Check out this video of the presentation:

Joe Sheldon Highway Transport Rolex Ceremony

After the watch presentation, Rick Lusby added, “I’ve got a speech prepared. I’ve known Joe for 20 years now. I know when he first moved into the Knoxville terminal with me, he filled in at the Dow Chemical plant nearby, he filled in at the terminal, he filled in as equipment planner, dispatch. When I got sent off on a few excursions for a few months, I came back and it was like I wasn’t gone. So, he jumped in and learned everything he had to learn way back and did a great job, and I appreciate all the help he gave me over the years.”

After starting out as a Driver Manager, Joe became an Equipment Planning Manager then manager of the Knoxville Service Center. For the last couple of years, Joe has served as Director of Linehaul & Recruiting. Just recently, Joe moved into the role of Managing Director of Regional Operations.

“During a typical weekend in the summer, my family tries to get out on Melton Hill Lake. Our two sons, Bryce (16) and Reed (12), enjoy wake boarding and surfing. Our boys fish and do their water sports. Bryce sometimes gets to drive the boat. That’s our stress relief. Reed, our youngest, asked me about this Rolex ceremony, then his next question was ‘can I have it’ ”

Joe's youngest son holding the Highway Transport Rolex

Joe’s youngest son holding the Highway Transport Rolex

Amy says, “My family moved to Tennessee from Texas. I met Joe my freshman year at Karns High School. We got married New Year’s Eve 1997. We recently moved into the family home of Joe’s parents, which is in the Karns neighborhood.”

Fellow Driver Manager Jerry Scearce harkens back, “I remember when Joe first started here. He sat near me dispatching drivers. Every now and then some of us would overhear Joe on the phone. He’d be talking to Amy saying ‘I love you…etc.’ So, of course, we all teased Joe saying, “Wow. You really say nice things to all the Highway Transport truck drivers. I’m sure “H” really appreciates your kindness.”

Traditional Highway Transport cake congratulating Joe on 20 Years

Traditional Highway Transport cake congratulating Joe on his 20 Year Milestone


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