portrait of Jim Raines of Highway Transport

Highway Transport’s Florence crew was glad to see driver Jim Raines return after a year off due to illness; specifically, colon cancer. Formerly an owner operator Jim made the decision to return to Highway Transport as a company driver and drive a truck assigned to him. His trip from Knoxville, TN to Kankakee, IL was the first trip he made in the new Mack Anthem. Then he drove from Kankakee to Florence, KY.

Jim Raines (left) pictured with Thomas Foster (right) and Kevin Stenkeen in the background

Jim received a friendly welcome from Thomas Foster (tank wash) in Florence and Kevin Stenkeen (mechanic) driving on the Florence trucking yard.

Jim says he appreciates all the calls he received during his year away from work. “Greg Watkins called to check on me, Marshall Franklin called. I talked to Jerry Scearce a lot. Joe Sheldon called. I kept in contact with many drivers while I was away.”

Jim continues, “I was ready to return and had started getting bored. I had the best-looking yard in my neighborhood because I mowed a lot during my recovery. I helped my mom around the house. My wife and I painted our son’s room…Georgia colors—my son is a 9-year-old Georgia fan. I helped our neighbor across the street do some painting.”

Jim went through chemo twice: the first time with pills and the second time with infusion. Jim refers to the second round of chemo as “the juice.”

“The weird thing is,” says Jim, “I never really got sick through any of it. Everyone—even the doctors—were tripping out at the fact that I never felt terrible, never became nauseated. I stayed home, did everything they told me to do, sat on the couch a lot, watched The Price is Right.”

“I kept a positive attitude. You know me, I’m always cutting up with everybody. I had it easy compared to a lot of people. I took my 2nd round of chemo in a room with 30 other people, and there were people I enjoyed talking to during chemo. There were some folks I spoke with regularly, then didn’t see anymore. The doctors were not allowed to discuss who came and went, but you know when you have a room of 30 people, some people you are not going to see again.”

Jim has one more surgery to go. It is for the removal of his port. Jim headed out from Highway Transport’s service center in Florence, KY. He was headed to Richmond, KY to Sherwin Williams, then on to Sherwin Williams in Garland, Texas.

Jim received his 2 million mile award in 2015

Jim's 2 Million Mile Award

left to right: Marshall Franklin, Jim Raines, Greg Watkins in 2015 when Jim was presented with the 2 Million Mile Award.


Jim in 2015 when he was an owner operator

Jim in 2015, owner operator for Highway Transport


Jim receiving safety award at Highway Transport

Jim (right) receiving a safety award from Rick Lusby (left)


Jim Raines and Joe Sheldon

Jim (left) being presented safe driving milestone jacket by Joe Sheldon (right)


Jim Raines early days at Highway Transport

Jim in the 1990’s receiving an award



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