Highway Transport Two Million Mile Driver Jackie Taylor

Jackie Taylor achieved the two million mile mark with Highway Transport Chemical! If you are lucky enough to see Jackie on the road, be sure to shake his hand. How will you know it is Jackie?

two million mile driverHis is the Highway Transport chemical tractor sporting this new decal.

We designed the special emblem to place on Jackie’s truck. We want to honor Jackie in a big way, to tell the world about his milestone. This is one small step we can take to show the proper reverence for Jackie’s remarkable achievement.

Below: Knoxville Service Center Manager Joe Sheldon (left) pictured with 2-Million-Mile Driver Jackie Taylor. Image captured August 3, 2016.


If you are a driver and live long enough, you could eventually have the opportunity to attain million mile status. It is one thing to drive a normal box truck a million miles, but it is quite extraordinary and amazing to operate a chemical tanker truck for that many miles, especially when you consider:
– The slower speed required for safely handling a tanker full of chemicals
– The constantly shifting load and weight of a chemical tanker
– The rigorous toll it takes on the human body to handle all aspects of chemical tanker driving

It took Jackie about a decade to achieve his first million mile award. That was back in 2007. But what an amazing feat to do it again!

Because today happens to be #ThrowbackThursday, it seems only fitting that we re-post the original story from Jackie’s first million mile celebration
#ThrowbackThursday Story from 2007: Jackie Taylor Million Mile


In December of 2007, a celebration dinner and a plaque ceremony were held at Ye Olde Steak House in Knoxville to honor Jack Taylor with the Highway Transport Million Mile Award. Jack has driven one million miles for Highway Transport without a preventable accident or incident. Jack has been a Highway Transport company driver since 1998. This marks the 14th time in our 60-year company history that Highway Transport has bestowed the Million Mile Award.

“Jack has been with us 10 years, so that’s an average of 100,000 miles per year. Driving a chemical tanker 100,000 miles per year is no small feat. The safe operation of a chemical tanker for one million miles? Is a milestone that only an elite few tank drivers can reach. Jack is the kind of guy that we are proud to have out there on the road representing Highway Transport. He’s a hero in every sense of the word,” says company president Greg Watkins.

Highway Transport Vice President of Safety and Quality, also presented Jack with a bonus check, which Jackie immediately handed to his wife. Everyone applauds Jackie’s good-natured attitude, his outstanding work ethic, and his serious commitment the safe operation of a chemical tanker.


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