The Highway Transport Green Treads program is supporting Earth Day this year by volunteering at W.G. Jones State Forest in Conroe, TX. On April 25th the sales team walked the forest collecting trash and working the gardens planting, pruning, and mulching.

Highway Transport Green Treads

Highway Pride, C.A.R.E. and celebration of Earth DayEarth Day


Easy ways that all of us can celebrate Earth Day!

1. Visit National Parks Virtually. Nearly all 62 national parks of the United States offer some sort of virtual tour. Get a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon. Visit the active volcanoes of Hawaii. Enjoy breathtaking views of the very first National Park in the world, Yellowstone National Park.
2. Reduce Paper Waste and Go Paperless! Replace your reading material with reading apps. Eliminate mail by signing up for online billing services. Think before you print!
3. Implement and Talk about the 3 R’s. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This is something we should all be doing. Establish a recycling program at your workplace and at your home.
4. Conserve Energy. Set a goal to find one thing that will conserve energy when you’re at your work location and at home, and work at achieving your goal.
5. Conserve Water. At the service center and at home, find a way to reduce water waste. Teach our children the value of clean water.

Highway Transport’s Tank Wash & Equipment Cleaning Department protects our water resources. We reclaim water, treat it, and use it over and over.

6. Pick Up Trash! Go on a walk with a trash bag around your workplace and in your neighborhood to pick up trash.
7. Plant A Tree! If you have green space at your workplace, plant a new tree, shrub, or wildflowers.
Plant a Tree on Earth Day
8. Eliminate Plastic! Take reusable bags to the grocery store.

Highway Transport employees use our Green Treads grocery totes whenever possible.

Green Treads grocery totes used by Highway Transport employees

RECOMMENDATION: Use reusable grocery totes whenever possible. Use reusable straws. Use reusable cups.

Highway Transport Relay Network

Highway Transport’s new relay network folds directly into our Sustainability efforts because the relay network reduces the carbon footprint. Sophisticated load planning throughout our nationwide network not only improves delivery time, it reduces transit time for our professional chemical tanker drivers. The new relay network increases home time for drivers while simultaneously reducing our company’s carbon footprint.

Highway Transport Location Map

Highway Transport Has a New Managing Director of Environmental Health

More companies heed the call from customers, investors, employees, and communities to operate in more environmentally and socially responsible ways. Travis O’Banion is not only in charge of Highway Transport’s Environmental Health, but also has a direct impact on our company’s Sustainability Program. View our Sustainability Presentation…

Enjoy this video explaining the Highway Transport initiative titled “Green Treads”


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