Grateful & Thankful Highway Transport Million Mile Drivers

One million miles hauling Highway Transport loads without a preventable accident or incident. It’s a very exclusive club, and Highway Transport is grateful to add so many drivers to the million-mile roster.
Bob Mallett is a Croydon Regional Driver who has been with Highway since 2009.
A small ceremony was held outside by the truck in Croydon, Pennsylvania, which is a suburb of Philadelphia.

Million Mile Driver Bob with Marshall Franklin at Highway Transport Croydon

“I love presenting the million-mile award. It’s the most important award at Highway Transport. It is always a joyful event when we celebrate a driver. It was especially nice to meet Bob’s wife, Jeanne” —Greg Watkins, Highway Transport Vice-Chairman.

Croydon Manager Mike Dailey says, “Very proud of Bob. He makes 80+ trips a year to Ontario in all weather conditions.”
As a special gesture, Mike made sure to display a recognition banner at the Croydon, Pennsylvania service center.

banner for Highway Transport million mile driver

Joliet, Illinois

Joliet Regional Driver David Williams personifies Highway Transport through his sound record of driving + his adherence to the highest safety standards. He also has a fun personality. Company leaders enjoyed spending time with David in Joliet, Illinois, which is located near Chicago. Everyone at the restaurant enjoyed Highway’s presentation of the million-mile award. David began with Highway Transport in 2000.
The Highway Transport million-mile award will always have a place of honor, not only on the walls of corporate headquarters, but in the hearts of all employees at Highway Transport.

Always thinking of others, David (above right) lead a team of employees in Joliet to shine a spotlight of special recognition on mechanic JR Miller during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. left: Greg Watkins, Vice-Chairman of Highway Transport.

Company leaders were pleased to “go west” to Garland, Texas to spend an evening with million-mile drivers Mark Stucky and Greg Huff. Mark has been with Highway since 2006.

Highway Transport Garland Texas Million Mile Driver
above left: Marshall Franklin
right: Mark Stucky

Greg Huff joined Highway Transport in 2009. Greg’s wife Brenda serves as a moderator of Highway Transport’s private Facebook group “Highway Spouses.”

Greg Watkins with Million Mile Driver Greg Huff

left: Greg Watkins; right: Greg Huff

left: Greg Watkins; right: Greg Huff

Brenda posted this fun picture to the group and commented, “My hubby receiving his award for 1 million miles.” left: Greg Watkins; right: Greg Huff


Any professional driver who drives a million miles without an accident deserves praise and respect. What do you do if you encounter four million-mile drivers?

million mile drivers at Highway Transport

Knoxville, Tennessee: Highway Transport dedicated a special evening in November 2019 to present recognition plaques to the following four drivers for achievement of the million-mile safety award.
• Bill Crawley
• Ken Salmon
• Denis Propin
• Wes Paschal

Highway Transport group with

image captured by Greg Watkins, Vice-Chairman left to right: • Matt Powell, Vice President of Operations • Joe Sheldon, Managing Director of Regional Operations • Denis Propin’s Wife Mae Ann • Highway Transport Million-Mile Driver Denis Propin • Rick Lusby, Vice President of Safety and Quality • Marshall Franklin, President & CFO

On average, it takes a truck driver about 8 years reach this milestone. However, in the tanker trucking world, time slows down. Chemical tanker truck drivers adhere to the highest standards of safety, which always means driving at regulated speeds. Plus, chemical tanker drivers follow strict chemical transportation protocols. So, that makes it even more impressive. It can take a chemical tanker driver a much longer span of time to accumulate this many safe miles.

Everyone at Highway takes great pride in this elite group of professional tanker truck drivers. Each will receive special emblem placed on their truck. A plaque is also placed at headquarters on the wall of honor.

Highway Transport million mile driver decal“We make sure to celebrate our million-mile drivers with special trucks, plaque recognition, financial compensation, and so forth. The ceremonial aspects are a meaningful component. But what matters the most is the fact that everyone at our company shows the proper reverence to these drivers for their remarkable safety achievement.”
—Marshall Franklin, President & CFO


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