American flag flying at Highway Transport Geismar in Geismar, Louisiana

The American flag is officially flying at the new Highway Transport facility in Geismar, Louisiana. Highway Transport is in the process of opening a very large presence in the Gulf Coast region. The $12.5 Million facility is Highway Transport’s new tanker trucking hub in the southeastern U.S. Construction is in the final phase. Major chemical companies have asked Highway Transport to extend capacity, particularly throughout the southeastern corridor of the U.S. where many chemical manufacturers are expanding their facilities.

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Special Features of the New Service Center

  • 6-bay maintenance shop
  • 4+ bay tank wash
  • two stories with excellent driver facilities
  • training center for our Gulf Coast area drivers
  • many offices
  • conference room
  • located on 25 acres with room for expansion

Plans are under way to hold a grand opening event sometime during 2020 depending on COVID-19 business climate and CDC Guidelines. Highway’s own Barry Hall oversees construction of the new service center. A special word of gratitude goes to everyone at Arkel Constructors, Highway Transport’s general contractor in nearby Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The firm worked closely with Barry Hall, Highway Transport Managing Director of Tank Wash Services, Environmental and Facilities.

Arkel captured drone images during each phase of construction. Everyone at Highway Transport is committed to growing our business with safety as the highest priority.

Where is Geismar?

Highway Transport's new Geismar location

Highway Transport is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based company providing bulk transportation of specialty chemicals. The tanker fleet operates from 14 service centers in major chemical manufacturing areas across the U.S. with a fleet of 400+ tanker tractor trailers. Highway Transport was recently honored to receive the Responsible Care® Partner of the Year Award. Highway Transport was recently honored to be recognized as “Carrier of the Year” by Dow Chemical. Truck drivers interested in more in-depth info about Highway Transport are encouraged to apply online at Drive4Highway.com. We’re social! For the latest updates and scenes of everyday life, click over to Highway Transport’s Facebook page named “Highway Transport Geismar.”

Highway Transport Geismar Hashtags

  • #GeauxGeismar
  • #GrowinginGeismar
  • #Geismar2020

The Highway Transport Tanker Truck Fleet

photo by Alen Smailovic

above: a sunset tanker truck image by Alen keeping his truck clean inside and out. Alen, who often hauls bulk liquid tanker loads to Canada says “Bonsoir mes amis, it took me one hour to bring the Mack King to his glory. 3 days of rain wiped with some wax & dry and a old T-shirt ! I am feeling like myself again. Keeping it clean was a thing for me before COVID-19.”

Highway Transport driver Tom Frain on Highway Transport tanker unit
above: photo by Don Anders. Highway Transport driver and trainer Tom Frain pictured on one of the 2019 Mack Anthem units. Tom says, “When we’re driving down the road, we strive to reflect professionalism. When we [Highway Transport tanker truck drivers] roll onto a customer site, and that customer sees it’s a Highway Transport unit, they know our 72+year legacy and they know our drivers are some of the most professional in the industry.”

rainbow over Highway Transport tanker truck by Juan Ortiz
above: Highway Transport tanker truck drivers get to experience the great USA from a perspective that most people will never know or understand. “No matter how bad or how lonely we may feel, just remember…WE ARE NOT ALONE,” says Highway Transport driver Juan Ortiz. This once-in-a-lifetime rainbow of hope appeared on U.S. 287, outside of Boise City, Oklahoma when he was headed to make a delivery at Anheuser-Busch in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ortiz follows the strictly enforced policy to not use his mobile device while behind the wheel. So, he parked the tanker unit, and took a moment to capture this stunning full rainbow which appears to arch over the truck. “It was in the middle of nowhere, and in all my 30+ years of driving, I’ve never seen a full rainbow like this with all the colors so sharp. It lifted my spirits, and I wanted to share it as an inspiring message during COVID-19.”


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