AJ Adams shares this magnificent scene of an eagle atop a flooded out flagpole overseeing a flood-ravaged American Flag.

American Flag flooded

AJ, manager of the Highway Transport service center in Freeport, TX says things are slowly getting back in order. AJ says, “We’ve still got a couple people out who are dealing with issues such as home repair from #HurricaneHarvey storm damage. The biggest issue is getting the trailers here. We had everything rerouted to Chattanooga or Knoxville to get it out of the area prior to the hurricane. All inbound loads were cancelled. Once all of our trailers return to Freeport, we should be fully operational.”

Highway Transport’s resident service center cat named “Bubba” has been a “little bit stressed. He is beginning to mellow out now,” says AJ

AJ and Freeport truck drivers share responsibility for Bubba the cat. They donate to have him properly cared for by a veterinarian. AJ makes sure Bubba is clean and comfortable. August 19th was a bath day for Bubba. Here is a scene from Bubba’s recent bath.Bubba the Cat gets a bath on August 19th


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