Tank Wash

Tank Wash ensures our trucks and tanks are the brightest and cleanest on the road. “Tank Wash is our best marketing asset,” says Greg Watkins “Plus, our tank wash personnel are experienced with a variety of specialty chemicals.” Customers appreciated the polished, professional appearance of HTC tractors and tanks.

“We really don’t spotlight our shop and tank wash personnel enough. They have such a strong resolve and keep everything running so smoothly, it becomes natural for us to take for granted the way our shops keep things moving like clockwork. Their work goes un-noticed and thankless; people just don’t realize everything that our shops and tank washes do.”

Highway Transport Tank Wash

John McMillan, Hunter Stokely, Derrick Lane

What Drivers Say

Now retired, former chemical tanker driver Bob Nettles says, “I worked for a contractor for a couple of years, but I was attracted to becoming a company driver for Highway because the people are so nice, and they have the best-looking equipment on the road.”

Best looking tanker fleet on the road



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