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When you think of chemical tank trucking, you probably don’t think about it being environmentally friendly. But it can be, and Highway Transport is working hard toward that goal. We have been putting a lot of time and effort into technology to improve our efficiency and sustainability, and it’s going to be one of our major initiatives in 2024.

A Future of Sustainability, Efficiency, and Ecofriendly Trucking

We have already been making steps in the right direction, and increasing efficiency is one of them. You might know that we clean and reuse our wastewater, and we have systems in place to monitor idle times and carbon emissions. With TempTrack, we create more efficiency by being able to monitor and control the temperature of chemicals inside our tankers, meaning drivers don’t have to stop as often. That increases the efficiency of each load and saves everyone time and money.

To learn more about TempTrack and how we are working to make tank trucking more efficient, more ecofriendly, and better for our drivers, read this recent KnoxNews article about Highway Transport.


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