Highway Transport Driver Adrian Swanson


Safety is always priority one at Highway Transport, and we are especially honored that Adrian Swanson is following safe practices and using his stop work authority to prevent unsafe operations.
We look forward to gathering with our colleagues at Exxon Mobil to honor Highway Transport’s own Adrian Swanson. He is truly a hero.
–Rick Lusby, Vice President of Safety & Quality, Highway Transport


I am not sure if you heard about an offloading matter we had at the end of January where your driver Adrian Swanson arrived to deliver some Isopar L to one of our customers and the customer wanted to air offload this product. Adrian used his good judgement and his stop work authority by saying he would not air offload the product as it was not safe due to the product being flammable. He then contacted Highway who contacted Exxon and after checking with our SSHE and quality personnel, were told that air offloading this product could result in an explosion. Thanks to Adrian, we prevented a very serious outcome of happening.
Exxon would like to recognize Adrian’s safe attitude by taking him out for lunch on February 19th. We do not wish to make him feel pressured to do so as we understand that sometimes he might have work and it might not be possible and interesting for him to skip that. So, we want to leave it open for him to say no is he cannot make it, not an issue at all. We will be sending him a gift either way and a letter for this great safety mindset.
We are really pleased to have him representing Exxon at our customers and we really appreciate our partnership with Highway.
Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th at the Stewardship!
Best Regards,
Overland Transportation Coordinator
Global Supply Chain
ExxonMobil Chemical Company

ExxonMobil letter praising Adrian Swanson


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