The recent 40 year celebration for Glen Keen was not a send-off…no way! Glen continues his work as a mechanic at the Knoxville shop, and he keeps Highway Transport rolling.

Gary Reagan says, “We’ve always been able to count on you, and we continue to count on you.”

Glen Keen 40 + year employee

left to right: Glen Keen with sons Justin and Jeremy

A large crowd surrounded Glen at Knoxville’s Amherst location to shake his hand. Glen was glad to have his two sons there to share the occasion. Jeremy is 22 years old, and Justin is 25. Jeremy is on crutches recovering from a broken leg due to a 4-wheeler mishap. Both young men are very proud of their dad, and both inherited Glen’s mechanical abilities. They repair the 4-wheelers they ride on their acreage behind the home where the family has lived for 27 years.

Glen adds, “I was only 20 years old when I started working here. I lived with my mom and dad. My wife and I are celebrating our 32-year anniversary at the end of this month. It was wintertime, so we went to Gatlinburg for a weekend and got married.”

Greg Watkins and Glen took a moment to pose for this photo below. Greg said, “It means so much to my family that you’ve stayed with us for 40 years. We’ve been extremely blessed to have you here to keep things running. I just want to express my gratitude.”

Greg Watkins and Glen Keen

left to right: Greg Watkins and Glen Keen

Glen thanked the crowd, “I’ve had a lot of help through the years, a lot of good co-workers.”

congratulations Glen




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