We sometimes use the word “million” so casually that it loses its impact…. “I had to park a million miles away from the store.” “Odds are a million to one he’ll make that shot.” “I can see a million stars in the sky.” But if you think about it, a million is really quite a lot–and driving a million miles safely is an impressive feat.

Dexter Ratliff Highway Transport million mile driver American flag tank truck wrap

Highway Transport tank truck driver Dexter Ratliff receives his million-mile custom tank truck wrap on a new truck at a celebration in his honor at the Knoxville headquarters.

Just How Far Is A Million Miles?

A million miles is more than two trips to the moon and back, depending on orbits, and about 40 laps around the earth. And if you’re talking about driving a million miles safely–especially in a chemical tanker truck–it’s truly an impressive number.

Driving One Million Miles, Safely

Safety is a top priority at Highway Transport, so we value the quality as well as the quantity of a million miles driven and the driver who completes that monumental task.

“Driving one million miles safely is an incredible accomplishment,” says Brenda Skoda, Highway’s Service Center Manager in Chattanooga. “It takes commitment and relentless focus.”

Dexter Ratliff, a Highway Transport Regional Driver in Chattanooga, has that commitment and relentless focus, along with the knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve this milestone.

Dexter Ratliff Highway Transport million mile driver American flag tank truck wrap

How Long Does It Take to Drive That Far?

“It’s hard to imagine hauling any type of load for one million miles. On average, it takes a truck driver about eight years to reach this milestone,” says Wendy Drummer, Digital Marketing and Communications Manager for Highway Transport. “However, in the tanker trucking world, time slows down.”

“Chemical tanker truck drivers adhere to the highest standards of safety, which always means driving at regulated speeds. Plus, chemical tanker drivers follow strict chemical transportation protocols,” Drummer says. “So, hauling liquid bulk chemicals makes this achievement even more impressive. It can take a chemical tanker driver a much longer span of time to accumulate this many safe miles.”

Dexter Ratliff Highway Transport million miles driver American flag tank truck wrap

Dexter Ratliff trying out his new custom-wrap truck, earned for driving one million safe miles with Highway Transport.

Celebrating in Style

“Each million-mile driver is presented with a selection of truck wrap designs. Dexter selected the American Flag wrap for his new truck. Dexter is an Army veteran who served from 1989 to 1991,” says Drummer.

“It was an honor to present Dexter the keys to his new truck as sincere appreciation for his accomplishment and dedication to Highway over the years. I am very proud Dexter is part of the Chattanooga team,” Skoda says.

In addition to the customized graphic wrap on a new truck, “Each million-mile driver will receive a special emblem placed on their truck,” Drummer says. “A plaque is also placed at headquarters on the wall of honor.”

Everyone at Highway takes great pride in our elite group of professional million-mile drivers. We love them to the moon and back–twice! Congratulations, Dexter!

Drive A Million With Us!

How long do you think it would take you to drive one million miles? Think about all of the cars and trucks that you’ve had. How many miles did you put on each one–100,000, 200,000, or maybe near 500,000? Do they total anywhere near a million? Join Highway Transport as a professional chemical tanker truck driver and get started toward your own million!


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