July 4th – A day when we celebrate the spirit of the important document…the Declaration of Independence.

To say we are a patriotic company is an understatement. Highway Transport stays in the American celebratory spirit all year long. Are we an all-American company? Well, yes and no. We transport specialty chemicals throughout the United States and also Canada + sometimes Mexico. Wherever you see a Highway Transport Chemical Tanker, you will see the American flag displayed with pride.

A Highway Transport tradition is displaying the American Flag so that red and white stripes flow in the breeze. American Flags on all tractors appear with the flag properly displayed so that the flag appears to be heading in the direction of the wind.

Chemical tanker drivers’ hearts are particularly open to patriotism, because they not only see a lot of America while driving…chemical tanker drivers experience America because they are always hyper-aware of safety. They are truck driving heroes of the American road because of their special training and skills. Highway Transport chemical tanker drivers have the deepest concern for others as they navigate throughout the country operating a 65-foot tanker filled with specialty chemicals.

Driver uniforms feature the American Flag on the left sleeve so that drivers in the cab display the American Flag as if in forward motion.

Apparel in the Highway Transport company store features the American Flag on the sleeve.

Highway Transport Women's Polo


Highway Transport Men's Polo

Flag poles are at the following Highway Transport service centers…

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Are you an experienced truck driver who embraces the American spirit? Consider becoming a chemical tanker driver for Highway Transport. Safety Focused, Quality Driven…and proud to be an American. Here is a list of locations where drivers are needed immediately:

Check out this fantastic aerial photo of our service center located in Florence, Kentucky. It was captured by the talented aerial photographer Stuart Ferguson. Kentucky definitely wins in the “beautiful grass” category. It is no wonder people flock to the bluegrass state to live. Click over to Drive4Highway.com to read our recent blog post about Highway Transport’s Florence Service Center.

aerial photo of service center in Florence, KY



Safety Focused. Quality Driven.


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