A big group celebrated to kickoff the next chapter of Bob Godsmark’s adventure…retirement! Bob’s immediate circle of friends celebrated nearby Calhoun’s on Bearden Hill in Knoxville, Tennessee. Then a cake and ice cream reception was held at Highway Transport Knoxville, the service center off of Amherst road.

Bob is praised for growing Highway Transport’s recruiting dept. into what it is today…an elite fleet of professional tanker truck drivers who are second to none. Everyone at Highway Transport loves Bob’s smiling face and positive attitude. He’s also a health nut. Everyone at work has always noticed his snacking habits…crunching on carrots and eating oatmeal. If we could all strive to be like Bob. He is already greatly missed.
“I appreciate the Watkins and everyone associated with the company. I’ve made some good friends, and it’s been a good journey. Anything I can do for you, let me know,” says Bob. Bob and his wife have a special trip planned.
Enjoy the following video which includes a speech by Joe Sheldon, Highway Transport’s Director of Linehaul & Recruiting.



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