Highway Transport tanker interstate sceneAs you sit down to enjoy this holiday season, remember there are a few industries, like trucking, that never take a break. While you’re with your family and friends, there’s a whole fleet of drivers who won’t get the chance to be home for the holidays.

Here are 3 things to remember:

1. Santa Didn’t Deliver Your Gifts—a Trucker did.
It’s easy to forget where our goods come from and how they get to us. Almost anything you’ve ever bought—food, clothes, toys, electronics—were probably trucked into your local stores. We’d have very little if it weren’t for truckers.

2. Truckers Can Be Highway Angels
Truckers know how to survive on the road. They are often seen helping others reach their destinations safely. Whether that means helping to change a tire or pulling off a roadside rescue, truckers frequently put others’ safety first.

3. Truckers Make Our Lives Easier
We wouldn’t survive a minute driving long-hauls, showering in rest stops, and spending so little time at home with our families. It’s not a job for everyone. And while some do truly enjoy being on the road, it’s still a sacrifice they make to keep our economy flowing.

This holiday season be sure to remember all the men and women who spend their time driving our groceries and gifts around.


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