The 20-year Milestone at Highway Transport is celebrated with the Rolex watch. Chris Jenkins achieved this meaningful milestone. Greg Watkins and Marshall Franklin presented the 20-year watch to Chris in a special ceremony.

Chris Jenkins 20-year Rolex Watch Ceremony

Chris with his young family

Chris Jenkins’ wife Dara and their two sons (ages 7 and 11) were proud and happy to be able to attend. Dara’s name is pronounced “D-ah-rah.”Chris’ logistics career began in Atlanta when he worked for a trucking company named DSI, which ultimately was purchased by Trimac.

Chris with his brother

Chris with his brother

For Highway Transport, Chris spent 6 years at the Highway Transport service center in Charlotte, NC. Chris says, “If it weren’t for Greg sending me to work in Charlotte, I never would’ve met my wife.” When Chris came to Charlotte, he and Charlotte service center manager Debra struck up a lifelong friendship. Upon hearing about Chris’ 20-year milestone, Debra wrote the following message of congratulations to Chris and Dara:
Awesome! Dara I love him like a son. I always knew he would excel no matter what he chose to do. Of course, there is the woman beside the man! I remember when he fell in love with you. This is also your success and now the boys’ as well. Y’all are his reason. I see that in every family photo. Please tell him how grateful I remain that he taught me, believed in me. I am a better person having been part of his team. Most of all, how proud I am of him today. Not there in the physical, but there in spirit. Thank you for sharing this with me. I love you all.

After his time in Charlotte, Chris and Dara were grateful for the opportunity to move to Florence, KY where they stayed for 13+ years. “We miss Florence.,” says Chris “Being near Cincinnati put us near Dara’s family who mostly live near Dayton, Ohio. We enjoyed being convenient to the large metro area of Cincinnati with all the nice restaurants and new developments.” Dara adds, “The Dayton/Cincy area has a FULL winter season. So, we are enjoying the milder Knoxville climate of Knoxville.”

Watch this video to enjoy scenes and speeches from the ceremony.

Chris says, “Here in Tennessee we are enjoying being near my family. Plus, we get out to the area lakes as much as possible.”
Throughout Chris’ Highway Transport career he also filled in at various service centers during times when a manager was out. While he was in Joliet, Dara was pregnant with Parker, their 2nd son who is now age 7.

In Florence, Dara always enjoyed helping out during Driver Appreciation Week. Dara says, “Chris always did the basic hamburgers and hot dogs, but then I started bringing flowers and some extra side dishes.” It became funny because each time I visited the Florence service center everyone would start asking “did you bring us something?”


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