On the road to safety – 4 safety tips for truck drivers

As experienced truck drivers we all know the importance of driving safe and following the latest tips, trends and laws that are there to guide us to a safer experience. However, driving safely is way easier said than done on the road with all of the different situations that can come into play each day. Here are 4 safety tips to help with a safer drive leading to a safer experience on the road.

Tip: 1: Don’t change lanes too often
A way to minimize accidents is to consistently stay in the same lane and always use a signal if changing over to another lane. Always remember to check for blind spots and changing lanes can increase your chance of potential accidents.

Tip 2: Share the road

Remember everyone on the road is trying to get to their location just like you. It is important to share the road and respect other drivers around you at all times. For example, by giving other drivers space it will help you avoid collisions that are caused when a truck hits the vehicle in the front of it. With trucks not having the ability to brake as fast as other motor vehicles it is important to keep a proper distance in between to avoid potential collisions.

Tip 3: Utilize roadside assistance gear to alert

If your truck is in need of roadside assistance on the side of the road it is important to be prepared with roadside assistance gear to alert fellow drivers on the road. Be sure to use cones, flashers and road flares that offer a further visual that communicates and prepares drivers to slow down as they pass by.

Tip 4: Weather awareness
Always consider the weather as a safety factor in your daily drive. In the winter season it is important to be prepared to slow down in inclement weather conditions that will involve driving below the speed limit. Considering these types of factors will allow you to best prepare as the weather comes into play.

Check out this video clip of Tom discussing a safe following distance…


Driving safe, especially in the trucking industry, involves daily dedication and awareness that leads to a safer journey on the road. It’s up to us to stay on top of factors that increase the opportunity to make better decisions as unsafe factors may come into play. Implementing these tips and more can help us get home safe and sound every time.


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