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We thrive when our customers trust us. So, we made trust a key component in everything we do. Highway Transport is committed to total satisfaction in the transportation and logistics of specialty chemicals. We guarantee that a relationship with us will drive success and instill value for your business. After all, if our customers aren’t successful, neither are we. Throughout the company, the theme is Our Promise. Delivered.

Our Promise. Delivered.

To ensure that the highest quality service is provided, we measure pickup and delivery times for all trucks. If you’re ever looking for information on your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Our web-based tracking system is built on a convenient, easy-to-use customer interface that can locate your delivery during all stages of transportation.

At Highway Transport, we constantly monitor unsafe delivery conditions, driver performance, means for managing spills, contaminations and product heels, and opportunities for improvement. Monitoring these safety-related concerns is another way we provide value to our customers. Without strict safety standards, the tanker truck industry can be extremely dangerous. We take road safety seriously and want our customers to know that their chemicals are in good hands.

Safety Standards You Can Trust

At Highway Transport, we constantly monitor:

  • Delivery Conditions
  • Driver Performance
  • Means for Spill Prevention
  • Opportunities for Improvement

Service You Can Trust

We’re proud of our excellent customer service and will continue to provide the highest quality support to each and every one of our customers. We are constantly working to better streamline our services and recruit experienced drivers.

With an on-time service percentage above 98%, our trustworthy reputation stands out against the rest. Our team pulls their unique skills and shifts necessary resources to handle your liquid bulk transportation and logistics, so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Equipment You Can Trust

Highway Transport has an industry-wide reputation for having some of the newest, most valuable equipment on the road. Our customers appreciate how quickly we adapt to new technology and obtain the latest models in the trucking industry. With unique features on premier trucks, our fleet simply can’t be beat.

Visit our equipment page to learn more!

Drivers You Can Trust

Our drivers are dedicated to safe, on-time delivery and take pride in their commitment to professionalism and quality service.

In an industry where the employee turnover rate has reached a staggering 120%, Highway Transport’s is typically below 40%. A low driver turnover percentage shows that Highway Transport is retaining great drivers by providing value both on the road and off.

From anywhere you are to everywhere you need to go,
Highway Transport is your safe, reliable
bulk liquid logistics solution.

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