Highway Transport drivers serve as the heart of our company. We hire only the most experienced, dedicated tanker truck drivers in the industry. This elite class of men and women demonstrate superior skills behind the wheel and in the face of our valued customers.

Our drivers have earned the right to be called “everyday heroes.” With the help of our trusted support staff, they work hard every day to ensure that our roads stay safe. While it’s their job to keep the roads safe, it’s our job to keep them safe. That’s why we participate in wellness programs to help drivers in our fleet maintain their health.

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Our drivers include…

System Drivers

These drivers are willing to run throughout our nationwide system. They receive the newest trucks, including the latest Mack Truck models, and are the core of our growth plan.

Regional Drivers

These drivers operate within a close radius to each service center.

Million-Mile Drivers

These drivers have operated sixty-five-foot, five-axle chemical tanker trucks carrying hazardous chemicals for over one million miles. Each driver operates their rig with the highest concern for road safety and is specially-trained to navigate any terrain, including the heavily-traveled Tennessee hills.

Two-Million-Mile Drivers

These drivers are the elite few that continue to reach new heights and push boundaries in our industry. Each driver has doubled the miles of their fellow million-mile drivers. 

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