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Highway Transport drivers enjoy using Rolling Strong to keep a check on their overall wellness. Rolling Strong is a program that helps truck drivers improve overall health, pass their DOT exams, and get home to their families. Highway Transport officially named our wellness initiative “The Ducote Rolling Strong Program”  in 2017. As a company, Highway Transport decided to name our program in memory of Dale Ducote, a beloved Highway Transport driver who passed away.

Rolling Strong provides Highway Transport drivers with guidance about meals, exercise, and sleep. Drivers have direct access to a Rolling Strong health coaches and can also connect to a health coach via  smartphone app.

Dale Ducote’s legacy gives us the opportunity to take a moment to consider our health — as an individual and also as a company — and as representatives of the overall trucking industry. This is a way to seriously ask ourselves, do we want to leave a legacy of health or a life marked by physical inactivity and poor food choices?

Drivers, no one at Highway Transport or Watkins will ever be able to access your health information. No one will ever be able to see your personal health information. The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong program has been created as gift for you. Please use Rolling Strong as an inspiration to take steps toward a life of good health. We at Highway Transport encourage everyone in the trucking industry to do the following:

  • Improve your overall health
  • Pass your DOT physical
  • Get home safely to your family

Rolling Strong health coaches reach out to Highway Transport drivers via the Rolling Strong app.

This program is a benefit for drivers. Driver health data is strictly confidential and not shared with Highway Transport or WAI.

About Dale Ducote

Dale started driving for Highway Transport in 1995. At first, he was solo, and then he and his wife, Kitty, drove team. Next, they both went solo and then Dale continued driving while Kitty stayed home to spend time with their grandkids.

Misconceptions About Health Coaching

Highway Transport is Going to Collect My Health Information and Use It Against Me.

False. No one at Highway Transport ever sees driver health information. Rolling Strong is compliant with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong program is simply an opportunity for Highway Transport drivers to take steps toward a life of good health. On behalf of Highway Transport, all truck drivers are encouraged to use Rolling Strong to their advantage.

Health Coaches are Expensive and Only For the Elite

True and False. The Rolling Strong program is expensive but to us Highway Transport drivers are worth the expense. Highway Transport tanker truck drivers are expected to think better of themselves, they operate in the high end of the tanker trucking world, they have a skill set that is superior to other types of drivers, and they receive higher-than-average pay and benefits. Rolling Strong health coaches are provided at no expense to the our drivers because we think you’re worth it!

Health Coaches Are For People Who Are “Health Nuts.”

False. In fact, health coaches help people better understand their own behavior. Rolling Strong health coaches are in place exclusively for our truck drivers and are uniquely qualified to handle issues that truck drivers face in their day-to-day lives.

Health Coaches Are Going to Boss Me Around and Tell Me What To Do.

False. Rolling Strong health coaches are here to guide you in how to recognize your own behavior and to help you make healthy life choices. They want to encourage drivers to become the experts of their own lives. Rolling Strong health coaches simply guide our drivers to the right place to make these changes themselves.

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