Two-Million-Mile Drivers

Jackie Taylor

Jackie Taylor

Jackie Taylor, the Highway Transport driver who achieved two million miles, really stands out. If you are lucky enough to see Jackie on the road, be sure to shake his hand. How will you know it is Jackie? His is the Highway Transport chemical tanker tractor sporting this new decal.

Larry Edwards, Fleet Director, designed the special emblem to place on Jackie’s truck. “We’ve GOT to honor Jackie in a big way. We want to tell the world about his milestone. This is one small step we can take to show the proper reverence for Jackie’s remarkable achievement. He is a hero of Highway Transport.”

If you are a driver and drive safely for the amount of time it takes to accumulate that many miles you could eventually have the opportunity to attain million mile status. It is one thing to drive a normal box truck a million miles, but it is quite extraordinary and amazing to operate a chemical tanker truck for that many miles, especially when you consider:

  • The slower speed required for safely handling a tanker full of chemicals
  • The constantly shifting load and weight of a chemical tanker
  • The rigorous toll it takes on the human body to handle all aspects of chemical tanker driving

It took Jackie about a decade to achieve his first million mile award. That was back in 2007. But what an amazing feat to do it again!

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