Employees at Highway Transport locations nationwide are donating vacation days to colleagues at Highway Transport LaPorte and Highway Transport Freeport.

In the midst of Hurricane Harvey, Marshall Franklin, CFO of Highway Transport, created a leave donation program to assist employees who work at two of Highway Transport’s Texas locations directly impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Flooding continues, and employees need workplace weather disaster relief… relief in the form of income.

Today, employees working and living near Highway Transport LaPorte and Highway Transport Freeport can rest in the assurance that they will receive wages for days missed during the most intense phase of the storm.

locations during #HurricaneHarvey

Marshall Franklin
“Hopefully, our locations in LaPorte and Freeport will be open soon, but the top concern is for human life. We want everyone to return to Highway Transport LaPorte and Highway Transport Freeport safely. As colleagues and friends, we want to do everything we can to help one another. Here at corporate headquarters in Knoxville, Tennessee, we’ve been receiving reports of employees who have lost homes and vehicles and property. One minute we hear of someone losing their vehicle. We’ve received news about the loss of a home. The list of loss and destruction goes on and on. Everyone at all Highway Transport locations has been very worried about coworkers who live and work in the communities near Houston.“

Marshall Franklin pictured with his 4 children

Marshall Franklin pictured with his 4 children. Marshall and wife Ashley have triplet daughters and a 1-year-old son. Marshall is Highway Transport’s President of Operations and Chief Financial Officer.

Tropical Storm Harvey shifted back out into the Gulf of Mexico then came ashore one final time. The destructive storm ambled slowly over Houston then eastward at a pace of 3 to 5 miles per hour…basically, the speed of someone who is strolling. The slow pace of the system continues to elevate rain levels beyond all expectations.

Water levels continue to rise in many Houston neighborhoods. Highway Transport LaPorte and Highway Transport Freeport security camera images are encouraging, but these facilities are officially closed. Rescues are still taking place.

Plus, this is not the time for Highway Transport employees to attempt to maneuver around dangerous flood conditions. The official word from our Vice President of Safety is, “Please take care. Your safety and well-being are most important.”

Highway Transport Security Monitor Scenes

Here is a scene shared by AJ Adams, Service Center Manager in Freeport, Texas

AJ and wife are currently staying with friends in Pearland, Texas

Pearland, Texas scene

REMINDER: It is against #Texas law to drive around barricades at flooded roads.

Highway Transport is also keeping a watchful eye on the service center in Geismar, Louisiana. Louisiana is currently experiencing storms and flooding from Tropical Storm Harvey. At this time, Highway Transport Geismar is not as directly impacted by the current weather crisis.

Highway Transport received the following update from LaPorte Service Center Manager Colin Bailey
“My wife and I woke up to the water coming up to our second-floor apartment. So, we had to evacuate by boat, was a boat similar to what the NAVY Seals use to a local church, but now we are trying to get to my son’s house in Spring. The rest of my operations team as well as many of our drivers can’t get in to the service center. We are all safe but it may be well in to the weekend before we return to the SC. On behalf of my driver, operations, and shop/TW team your support and help is appreciated. We are truly a family.”



Highway Transport Knoxville’s Christina Nolan shares the following sentiment…
For Texas Highway Transport employees and their families:

Christina of Highway Transport Knoxville

I lost everything in a tornado 12 years ago this November. Even though it wasn’t a flood, I know how devastating it can be to lose your home. I know this is a very stressful and painful time. I’m proud to be a part of the Highway family and that they have given us the opportunity to show our support by donating our vacation days to you. As grateful as I am to have the opportunity to help, I wish I could do more. My prayers are with you all for the strength to overcome the challenges you are facing.”







Highway Transport is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee with a reputation that is the epitome of family and tradition

The company is looking forward to better days ahead while recovering from the impact of #HurricaneHarvey

Highway Transport has a presence on the following social channels. Tune in for updates on recovery from #HurricaneHarvey and better days ahead…



Highway Transport is a chemical tanker trucking company providing transportation of specialty chemicals throughout the United States and Canada.

Known industry wide as a premier carrier, Highway Transport has a legacy of steady growth and stability. Throughout 2018, Highway Transport is looking forward to celebrating 70 years in business in Knoxville, Tennessee!

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