Check out this unique pic of Highway Transport driver Kevin in Florence KY. He has on a face mask + his face shield! Here are a few Highway Transport face covering facts.

Kevin Highway Transport Florence

Kevin G, Highway Transport driver in Florence, KY wearing a face covering plus his face shield.


Face coverings are required by anyone entering a Highway Transport office building, as we want to do our part in helping slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our fellow employees safe and sound. Office employees must wear a mask when entering the office and while moving around the office to copiers, mail rooms, restrooms, and walking in hallways or stairs.

Highway Transport Locations and face covering tips

Truck Drivers

Alen with his face covering

Highway Transport driver Alen created his own video to provide helpful face covering tips to truck drivers.

Drivers are required to wear masks when entering offices, driver rooms, and break rooms at Highway Transport facilities. Drivers should also wear a mask when they arrive at customer locations.

Here at Highway Transport, we promote frequent hand washing and discourage one-on-one contact. Sorry! No handshaking. This is being done to keep our staff, their families, and the general public safe, as trucking zones are full of people who might be carrying this contagious virus.

Highway Transport driver Anthony McDonald advises all fellow truck drivers, “Make the cab of the truck you drive your sanitized bubble.”

Geismar Driver Trainer Michael

Geismar Louisiana Driver Trainer Michael. His wife custom crafted this Highway Transport fabric mask. She also made him an LSU mask as well + several for the local hospital. Highway Transport spouses are the best.

Shop and Tank Wash Employees

General Service shop and tank wash employees must wear a mask when reporting to work and when they are in the breakrooms/changing areas. Highway Transport has a few facilities where masks are required in hallways and stairs for General Service employees. The mask can be removed when general service employees get into in their work zones due to maintaining proper physical distance and the doors are open for fresh air to flow through shop bays. The use of a mask can also increase the chance of heat-related illness in the summer months, so caution must be taken not to overheat. When employees are cleaning up and changing at the end of a shift, a mask must be worn until they have safely exited the building.

Make sure you thank any truck drivers you see this week. They are charged with the duty to deliver crucial supplies across the nation. As COVID-19 continues to increase in America, these heroes are facing many challenges. And still, they continue to put in hours during summer heat and nerve-wracking policy changes to ensure that life goes on as usual. It is times like these that remind us of how strong trucking industry people are.

Thank a Trucker Highway Transport tanker unit

Highway Transport tanker truck on the trucking yard


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