Patrick is OK sharing this story with Highway Transport. His hope is everyone at Highway Transport benefits from his experience…especially drivers.

Chattanooga Driver Patrick Andreika says:

I was on a steady weight gain for two years and gained 30 lbs. At that point I said enough was enough. I bought a FitBit, connected with a Rolling Strong coach and starting using the Rolling Strong app. Now, I’ve lost 26 lbs through diet, exercise and tracking my habits in the app. Working with my coach I get information on nutrition and she helps keep me by calling me weekly for coaching sessions. My advice to other drivers is to take a look at your habits. I cut out a lot of my soda and switched to water. I also am not eating fast food as much. Instead, I am cooking my own meals and eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Rolling Strong health coaches are a free benefit to all Highway Transport employees. Rolling Strong puts emphasis on driver health but their advice helps all employees.



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