Rather than host large classroom gatherings during this unprecedented COVID-19 era, having our own in-house video training capability enables Highway Transport to conduct online training sessions in order to adhere to physical distancing guidelines.

Prior to the days of COVID-19, Highway Transport held a fun contest for employees during the official launch of a new internal training platform named “Highway Learning.” To become familiar with the new process, employees completed quizzes to win t-shirts, duffel bags, and gift cards.

Check out this video of the final drawing for winners...

Highway Learning began when Highway Transport Vice Chairman Greg Watkins re-imagined the training department for Highway Transport employees. Shortly thereafter, Scott Saulnier, Learning & Development Manager, created a new interface for online training.

Highway Transport Florence Tanker Truck Driver

above: Florence driver John K wins a t-shirt

The new online process strengthens Highway Transport by:

• Cutting back on in-person classroom time for truck drivers in orientation
• Streamlining record keeping of employees who have completed training courses
• Discovering areas where in-depth specialized training needs to happen

Many courses now come to drivers and staff through Workday, the company’s HR app.
convenience: Completing a few training sessions on a mobile device can save time and travel.

Highway Transport learning in app

Highway Transport training can occur within the app

more relatable:
Training takes place specifically on Highway Transport tanker trucking equipment.

Highway Transport training video being captured

above: Highway’s own safety training supervisor Brian Vinson (left) demonstrating the steps for a pre-trip inspection on a Highway Transport tanker unit. Video is being captured by a videographer John Stewart (right).

driver trainer being filmed by videographer

above: Highway Transport driver trainer Tom Frain being directed and filmed by videographer John Stewart

Learning Development Manager

Highway Transport Learning Development Manager Scott Saulnier

Training Content Manager Scott Saulnier continues to capture new video and develop the online curriculum.

Incoming drivers are now able to watch a training video that was filmed using Highway’s equipment and people, then take a test.
Using Highway’s new learning tools, Scott keeps track of who has watched each video, who passed a test about the video and where improvement may be needed.

As truck drivers know, Highway Transport has very specialized tanker truck configurations.




Rick Lusby, Vice President of Safety & Quality says, “At Highway Transport, we provide customized solutions for chemical companies. Standard off-the-shelf training videos do not always address the unique training scenarios needed for a custom tanker unit hauling specialized chemicals. Having Scott Saulnier on the safety team to address our unique training goes a long way toward Highway’s commitment to continuous improvement. We already have the top driving talent in the tanker trucking industry. Having our own videos helps us fine tune everyone’s skills. “

Scott Saulnier explains, “Full-length in-depth videos are shown during training class. The videos for the classroom cover many details. Meanwhile, we have some training videos that can be edited down to a shorter version.  There are times when a driver may need to watch a short video snippet on their mobile device. A short “micro” version can sometimes be shared to help a driver on a specific topic. Some of our short video snippets are appropriate for sharing with a wider audience, such as social media. “

This is why people have a lot of respect for Highway, we are always reaching out to share information with the motoring public. We also have a commitment to reach out and share helpful videos with local first responders in the communities surrounding our service centers nationwide.

Most people today use video for everything. Using videos is the most powerful way Highway Transport can engage any audience–whether it is a potential driver looking to see what we’re all about; whether it’s a customer who is curious about our culture, videos are becoming a major factor for communicating any type of message.

Here at Highway, we are committed to producing engaging content which features the best tanker trucking industry people and the best equipment.

Even though Highway Transport is a 72+ year old company, we are known throughout the trucking industry for our agility and forward thinking when it comes to technology. Producing our own videos improves safety. It increases our recruitment of top driving talent. Producing videos folds directly into the company’s strategic plan for growth and expansion.


Safety Focused. Quality Driven.


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