Highway Transport Drivers, Reach out anytime to contact a Rolling Strong Wellness Coach at : 913-551-0105
Highway Transport has partnered with Rolling Strong to provide their drivers with an opportunity to participate in a driver wellness program. The initiative is dedicated to Dale Ducote, a 22 yearHighway Transport driver, who passed away in 2017. In his honor, the program will be called “ The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program. “

Rolling Strong, Driving Good Health


February 13, 2018
Rolling strong will be holding an onsite launch of “The Dale Ducote Rolling Strong Program” at
the following locations and times:
• Knoxville, TN from 2:00pm – 5:00pm

• LaPorte, TX from 10:00am – 2:00pm
Highway Transport Drivers Only
Drivers, Be on the lookout for Rolling Strong Machines to appear in Highway Transport locations nationwide. Check out Laporte Driver, Andrew (AJ) Johnson, trying out the new “Rolling Strong” machine. #rollingstrong #houstonstrong
Highway Transport La Porte Driver Trying Rolling Strong Higi Machine


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